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Anti Virus Benefits

Anti Virus is an option on all of our email services. Viruses are programs which do malicious things to your computer. They can enter your machine via bugs in your Email Software or by opening attachments from strangers. Our Kasperski Filtering service stops them at the gate.

  • Impact on Business - Spam and viruses cost businesses money. A rogue email could down your systems, offend a customer or cause a delay that means an urgent order or support request never gets through.

  • Time - Your technical support team are no longer wasting time dealing with internal complaints about spam and diagnosing problems caused by viruses. They're doing what you want them to do.

  • Reliability - Here's an example: One email server we were monitoring built up a queue of 50,000 emails sending bounce notifications (rejections) to addresses that didn't exist! These were responses to spam that had been sent to random addresses. The resulting load delayed outbound emails by hours causing inconvenience to employees and customers.

  • No Hassle - Sure you could get your own solution built inhouse, but consider this: You'll need a server, subscription-based software and a lot of time installing, configuring and testing. Plus, you'll have to maintain it. With SMTP Gateway, the viruses never get to your network in the first place. We've done all the work for you and it's a fraction of the cost to implement.

  • Your Integrity - Accidentally transmitting a virus to your customers may not be your fault, but it doesn't look good. We'll scan your outbound email as well as inbound, stopping any potential infections.

  • Peace of Mind - Most of all, you can stop worrying!