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POP and IMAP Mailboxes

Blackberry Device
  • Easy Access - Your full mailbox and folders accessable using Webmail, or using clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Quickmail, Eudora or Thunderbird. You can also forward mail to your Blackberry.
  • Control Panel - Instant Mailbox Setup using our web control panel, or using our Windows and OSX clients.
  • Spam and Virus Filtering - Timed and hassle is saved with spam messages delivered to your spam folder. Viewable as a folder in IMAP or via Webmail. Spam folder can be disabled and subject lines prepended with the word [SPAM].
  • Reliable - Our platform has been built with performance and scalability in mind. We can handle any number of mailboxes without impacting performance.

Payment via Invoice only

MailboxesPriceoptional AV
5 £  35 £12
10 £  70 £24
20 £110 £48
30 £140 £72
40 £170 £96
50 £180 £120
100 £230 £240
*pricing is per year and excludes VAT
AV is our Anti Virus option

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